Affordable and sustainable luxury fit for every woman

SOPIVA is Finnish and translates to both fitting and flattering. That is exactly what SOPIVA is all about: it is both a fitting and flattering line of clothing that adds a bit of sustainable luxury in every woman’s wardrobe.

Mirjami Petro-Uotila — the lady behind the SOPIVA label — has an unusual history for a luxury brand designer. Mirjami has an extensive background in the fashion and clothing business. Her long career has taken her from being a clothing brand designer to a low-cost fashion buyer operating in China, India, and Bangladesh.

The years in Asia made the low-cost fashion factories and sweatshops more than familiar to Mirjami. Both this experience and her good connections with the Asian fashion industry, have built the basis on which SOPIVA was created.

Affordable and sustainable luxury

The first SOPIVA collection came out in winter 2016. This new brand combines Mirjami’s knowledge of fashion collections and the Chinese market with the aspiration for ethical, ecological, and high quality production. While creating her own brand, Mirjami also wishes to highlight the fact that China is not to be equated solely with the idea of low price and low quality fashion, but that there are Chinese companies that aim at both ethical and high quality production.

SOPIVA is the perfect choice for anyone appreciating quality and ethical choices, but wishing to wear classical luxury products. All SOPIVA clothes and accessories are made of the finest organic materials. SOPIVA only uses ecologically produced cashmere and merino wool, linen and sweet water pearls. The collection has something for all occasions, both festive and casual wear.

Direct Trade

Obviously, production in China is the key for affordable luxury. However, SOPIVA produces its collection in close co-operation with a small Chinese factory. Thus, the collection is kept small and all materials and clothes go through a strict quality control. Close relations with SOPIVA make communication open and direct.

In sustainable coffee production, fair trade is now being replaced with direct trade. This is also the policy that SOPIVA is following. The advantages of direct trade are that there are as few middlemen as possible and it is the producers – not the middlemen – that get paid for their work. Besides the factory that makes the clothes, only the raw material producers are involved. Both the silk and the sweet water pearls are produced near the factory. Cashmere wool is collected both in Nepal and Mongolia and it is ensured that the goat farmers also get their fair share of the revenue.

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